What is this space?

JHub is moving into a different phase in its life. I like to think of it as it entering the world of ‘new’, if you need to know why I have called it that just take a look at all the new things have happened recently.

–        New director

–        New administrator (that’s me)

–        New residents

–        New desks

We have decided that maybe it is time for us to look at JHub and work out how we can take the great work we already and turn ourselves into the super space we can be. Step one is what has been termed ‘JHub Space Revisioning’.

Helen an integral JHub team member is heading up this project and as a treat for us she has organised some JHub field trips to other hubs around London.

Over the next month the core JHub team will be going to visit five or six different hubs around London, some of them do similar work to us here others could not be further away from the work we do. But in an effort to better understand how these offices and organisations utilise their space we thought to only way would be to take a trip there.

So over the next few weeks I will be blogging about what we learnt on our field trips. (You might even get a few photos of us on our journey)

Now I have the rush off and get my mummy to sign my permission slip and prepare a packed lunch for our days out.



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