JHub Adventure – Trip 1 Tech Hub

On Tuesday we ventured out into the big wide world of ‘The Hubs of London’, this was the first of a few trips being taken to try and learn as much as we can from these similar yet different spaces to improve the work that JHub can offer residents, the Jewish community and the entire world (cue evil laugh).

The first hub that we visited on this trip was Tech Hub in the heart of Silicon Roundabout. This space offers a place to work for new technology start ups. The look of Tech Hub made me think of a mix between RoboCop and a squat (in a good, cool way) with ceiling tiles missing, cables hanging everywhere. Suddenly knowing how to set up a blog and run my Facebook profile makes me feel like I know nothing about technology.

I got loads of ideas and ways of working from Tech Hub, possibly the most exciting and very soon to be implemented in JHub are stick up white boards. Like rolls of wall paper but that you can use a white board. If I had my way every wall, desk, table would now be covered in it. But for now we are just going to put it up in a couple of spaces to see how we can use them to pass messages around and get some conversations flowing.

If you have anything that you think I should write up on the white board just leave me a comment and I will see what I can do. I am sure I will post some photos of how good they look and how cool I look using them.



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