JHub Adventure – Trip 1 Islington Hub

The second hub that we visited was Islington Hub, which is part of a world wide networks of hubs from Tel Aviv to Cape Town. Out of all these hubs around the globe Islington Hub was the first to be set up, so to some extent it was like visiting Daddy Hub, if Daddy Hub had 60 children who all moved to a different part of the world in order to fullfil their destiny.

Isligton Hub is in an old warehouse loft, which means it looks very cool but I did not enjoy the four storey climb up. Although it does ensure everyone working their stays nice and healthy. Everything in this hub is made out of recycled cardboard, from the desks to the walls which means that not only does it look nice, is light and easy to move but it is also not half bad for the environment.

There were two really stand out items that I saw in this hub, the first is the sofa style desk areas.

If you are getting a bit bored of working at your desk, why not work on a relaxing sofa. Brilliant – although I don’t know how people don’t occasionally fall asleep whilst working there. I am sure they are very focussed on what they are doing that must be it.

The second thing is similar to something that I saw at Tech Hub but this time instead of whiteboards on the wall they had used blackboard paint for people to write on. (I think I just really want to write on walls)

Even better than just having them on the walls of the office the photo above was taken in their toilet. Come on, the toilet, how cool is that? Leaving notes for people whilst you are on the toilet, an interesting idea but thinking about it I am not too sure I will be comfortable with the knowledge of that. I think for now we are going to stick with the whiteboard idea and leave the toilets for people to be alone.



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