A meeting, some learning and of course lunch.

Yesterday I heard a new term to describe the atmosphere at JHub, Hubbling. The term now means when JHub is bubbling over with people, chatting and excitement. It is really what JHub is all about.

The ‘hubbly’ atmosphere was caused by the the JSAF (Jewish Social Action Forum) meeting followed by the JHub Lunch and Learn, both of which mean I get to spend most of my day listening to inspiring people and ideas whilst stuffing my face full of bagels and crisps.

The JSAF meeting started out with a special speaker, Perry Teicher who came to visit JHub from America on his way to Kazakhstan. Perry is from Repair the World, an organisation working to make service (volunteering) a defining part of American Jewish life. Perry ran through with us the key findings of their latest research ‘Volunteering + Values: A Repair the World Report on Jewish Young Adults’I won’t go into the details here but have a read it is fascinating.

Perry from Repair the World presenting their research findings

Another highlight of the JSAF meeting (there were plenty but I will stick to two of them) was the discussions that took place as to potential campaigns JSAF could support in the future. The current campaigns are the Big Green Jewish Website and Fair Trade Campaign. I am very excited to see where they head next.

Following the JSAF meeting we held the JHub Lunch and Learn session. Bringing together people from the Jewish social action community to hear from a great speaker whilst they eat lunch. What can be more Jewish than Torah and nosh? In this session we were lucky enough to have Rabbi Mendel Cohen teach. Rabbi Cohen is the rabbi of the Saatchi Shul.

In this session Rabbi Cohen took us on a biblical journey, looking at the Torah’s commandments about not to destroy or waste. Can you chop down a tree to build a school? How feasible is it to relocate a forest rather than destroying it? This session has definitely left me thinking twice before I do any felling.

It was a really inspiring and interesting session. I can’t wait to see what the next Lunch and Learn has in store.

If you were at the Lunch and Learn (or even if you weren’t) please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.



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