JHub Adventure – Trip 2 UJIA and Tikun

If you have not already guessed it the J in JHub stands for Jewish. I will give you a minute for the shock to overwhelm you. Good. We decided that it would be silly of us to visit all these different hubs without going to see how other Jewish organisations do it. So we decided to visit:

  • UJIA: the Heart of Jewish Life, is a Jewish charity supporting young people and education in the UK and Israel.
  • Tikun: to guide Jewish people towards their ancient mission of being a shining moral example by teaching them principles of well being, Torah wisdom and their responsibility to improve the world.

The aim of visiting these places was to ‘find the Jewish’. At UJIA this task was slightly more difficult than we first thought. Apart from the Israeli flags dotted about and the word Jewish in the logo there was not much that jumped out at me as being a ‘Jewish space’. As an office however, it was really good. Light, spacious and with some great informal break out areas. David here at JHub did have an enjoyable time showing us how the folding tables worked.

David demonstrates durable desks

At Tikun there were two things that really jumped out at me as they were themed around two of my loves; writing on the wall and technology. All over Tikun are quotes both Jewish and non Jewish. It really made the space become inspiring where ever you looked. Here are a couple of examples of what was there.


If you can think of some quotes that would be good to put up around JHub please leave them as a comment to this blog. They can be Jewish, non-Jewish, historical, modern, whatever you like really.

The technology part of Tikun that spoke to my inner geek was this.

 It is a video camera mounted on a wall. It is just brilliant, they record all their classes and put them up on line for the world to see. If you want to watch one of the Tikun session check out their events page.

Well hopefully once I get to process this very inspirational visit I will know more about how to answer the question: where is the Jewish in JHub?

If you have any ideas please feel free to leave it as a comment.



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