I want to be a librarian.

If Paul Revere were to be alive today and happened to be working in JHub (maybe running an organisation that helps people get their message out there quickly) he would be heard yelling;

“The bookcase is coming! The bookcase is coming!”

That is because today are taking delivery of our new JHub bookcase. As I write this I am waiting for it to arrive and am very excited for that to happen (I say looking out of the window hoping for a van to arrive…….nothing yet).

The reason behind the new and larger book case comes after many, many discussions as to what JHub is. We are looking to conceptually expand.

We are more than just an incubator for our resident organisations. JHub should be a resource both for them (they are very very important to us) and the wider Jewish social action community. A great place for us to start that is quite quick is by expanding and developing the books and resources we hold.

After sorting through all the books that JHub currently own we came up with a number of categories including:

  • How to…
  • Human rights
  • Politics and society
  • Biographies and fiction
  • Religion and beliefs
  • and many more
If you know of a book, resource or category please leave a comment. We want to expand our resources but it is only a resource if it is filled with the books and things that you want and would find helpful.
We will also be looking for people to write reviews of the books that we have, so if you come into JHub and think ‘ooohh I would love the read that book’ or ‘ooohh I have read that book and think that it was great/terrible’ then let us know and maybe you could become a featured JHub book critic.
So that you can see the progress as it developed I took some photos for you.

The old book case before it was sorted

Once we have sorted through everything and removed all the really out of date books and duplicates. The sticky labels are the different 'genres'

Update 15:00 27/07/2011

The new book case has now arrived and the existing books have been added to it. I think it looks great but we still need to add lots more interesting and important books. So if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment with the title and why it should make the JHub book shelves.


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