Elul Comes to JHub

Elul and its lead up to the Jewish New Year traditionally is the time to reflect on the year that has been, the ups and downs, the lefts and rights, the ins and outs.* But how have we been reflecting at JHub. Well I shall tell all….

Elul @ JHub started out in earnest at the beginning of September at the JHub ‘Hub Lunch’ for the residents. We were led, by Shoshana, in a part discussion, part lesson and part performance about why we blow/listen to the shofar every day in the month of Elul. We ended this fascinating session with Shoshana giving us a quick demonstration of how to blow a shofar. (I do have it on video but have promised not to upload it here, I may be swayed if there are any convincing comments)


The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice from this second picture that the writing is on the window. Well we have been using our/my favourite new JHub toy, sorry I should say tool – if my mother reads this please note that I don’t play with toys at work, liquid chalk pens.

Questions for individuals during Elul have been written on the windows including

  • What world event has effected you this year?
  • What is your 🙂 to 😦 ratio this year?
  • How have you been looking after yourself?
As well as the individual questions on the windows we have put questions for organisations during Elul on the wonderful and useful glass table:
The final JHub Elul action that has been taking place has utilised the ever necessary whiteboard paper where quote of the day has magically become Elul quote of the day. Here is just one example of what the JHub residents have been able to think about over the month
Well I hope that this post has given you some things to think about for the few days left of Elul and the year to come. If you have any answers a to my questions or indeed any more Elul style inspirations questions put them in the comments.
Shana Tova
*When I was writing this line for some reason it made me think of a certain song. To find out which some it was click here

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