A Week of Energy

To describe JHub as busy over the last couple of weeks would be like describing a British summer as damp. But I shall attempt to take you through all of the different elements that have gone to make the last month at JHub one of the most diverse in its history.

Firstly and most importantly things stick to the walls! I will leave you for a minute to take in that concept………..Over a couple of days I put on the world’s largest Mitzvah Day t shirt (making me look like a 7 year old child in my dad’s old clothes) and painted a single square on the wall in magnetic paint. You can see the progression of this like a terrible cartoon in the photographs below. You will have to wait for a later blog to see the final product once we have magnetised everything we need to.

Pouring paint is surprisingly satisfying

First goes on a layer of magnetic paint

Next goes on a layer of normal red paint (in my giant t shirt)

An arty shot - mainly to remind everyone that painting is a messy job

Removing the tape to reveal a nearly perfect job done

Just to prove it works, I put a few test magnets up

Continuing our Blue Peter theme Helen has been undertaking an arts and crafts project never seen before at JHub. Using only some cardboard, wire, glue and printed logos of each organisation Helen managed through the power of art to create hanging signs so that now we know where each organisation sits. It is lucky really because I have been using a pirate’s treasure map to find people up until now.

Helping out the community is one of the virtues that we try to instill in all that come into contact with JHub, so in the spirit of this; the much loved large desk screens were donated to MRJ to make their new offices look that little bit more colourful. We still have 9 more screens to do something with so any suggestions please leave as a comment below.

Finally this week at JHub I was reminded that in fact everyone who works here is really a small child at heart. On locating a double rainbow in the sky the residents working in JHub were informed of this. I would estimate it took around 17 seconds for 99% of people to get up from their desks and have their faces pressed against the glass celebrating this wonderful phenomena.

If you have any other suggestions as to why this is the most diverse weeks that has occurred in a while a JHub please leave them as a comment below.


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