David Brown interviewed by Deborah Fishman

Deborah Fishman is a network weaver interested in new opportunities to create change in the Jewish world. She was most recently Editor & Publisher of PresenTense Magazine. She tweets as @deborahfishman.

David Brown is Social Action Coordinator atJHub in London, working on the Jewish Social Action Forum’s Big Green Jewish and Fairtrade campaigns. He is also the European coordinator of SIACH: A Global Environment and Social Justice network, and was on the core volunteer team recently for Limmud Conference in the UK.

What is a network?
I think of connections between people, projects, and organizations. It can be a group of people who happen to find themselves in the same space, organizationally or physically. Either a given area of content can attract people (I think about SIACH), or it can be getting people together and letting them define the content (like the ROI Community).

I come to the world of networks with a lot of stereotypes in mind. I always thought of it as very utilitarian and transactional – it’s schmooze, booze, and people talking while looking over their shoulders to see if they see someone more interesting to talk to. Continue reading


A Week of Energy

To describe JHub as busy over the last couple of weeks would be like describing a British summer as damp. But I shall attempt to take you through all of the different elements that have gone to make the last month at JHub one of the most diverse in its history. Continue reading

Social media an unappreciated source of good

Like most of the UK population I have been glued to a screen for the last 24 hours. BBC News in the back ground whilst my computer whirls into overdrive with several different twitter searches, live blogs and news sites all updating all at once. (My ability to multi task really comes into its own during a crisis).

Throughout a night of mass unrest a question was regularly posed, how are these seemingly random groups organising themselves. The traditional media (television news) pointed the finger quickly at the evil world of social media namely Twitter. Surely this instant method of communication means that nasty people can organise themselves to loot and riot? Continue reading

JHub Adventure – Trip 2 UJIA and Tikun

If you have not already guessed it the J in JHub stands for Jewish. I will give you a minute for the shock to overwhelm you. Good. We decided that it would be silly of us to visit all these different hubs without going to see how other Jewish organisations do it. So we decided to visit:

  • UJIA: the Heart of Jewish Life, is a Jewish charity supporting young people and education in the UK and Israel.
  • Tikun: to guide Jewish people towards their ancient mission of being a shining moral example by teaching them principles of well being, Torah wisdom and their responsibility to improve the world. Continue reading