I want to be a librarian.

If Paul Revere were to be alive today and happened to be working in JHub (maybe running an organisation that helps people get their message out there quickly) he would be heard yelling;

“The bookcase is coming! The bookcase is coming!” Continue reading


JHub Adventure – Trip 3 Kings Cross Hub

There is really only one way to describe the Hub in Kings Cross and this is oohhh, aaahhh, look, mmmm and many other sounds that don’t really mean anything. So for this post I will simple show you a series of photos that I took whilst there with a small caption explaining my thoughts. Continue reading

JHub Adventure – Trip 2 UJIA and Tikun

If you have not already guessed it the J in JHub stands for Jewish. I will give you a minute for the shock to overwhelm you. Good. We decided that it would be silly of us to visit all these different hubs without going to see how other Jewish organisations do it. So we decided to visit:

  • UJIA: the Heart of Jewish Life, is a Jewish charity supporting young people and education in the UK and Israel.
  • Tikun: to guide Jewish people towards their ancient mission of being a shining moral example by teaching them principles of well being, Torah wisdom and their responsibility to improve the world. Continue reading